Negotiation Basics for REALTORS on Wednesday, Jul 26, 2017 @ 09:00 AM
Location: Webinar

07/26 9:00 AM

07/26 9:00 AM 07/26 9:00 AM America/Los_Angeles Negotiation Basics for REALTORS Webinar Webinar


Learn how to negotiate with confidence every time.

Join us for this exciting 4-hour course that will provide tools and information to help you understand the fundamentals of negotiation with different theories if how to negotiate.

How you will benefit from taking this course: 

- Identify factors affecting the negotiation process, such as cultural/economic differences, morals, personal traits and environmental factors

- Effectively prepare for a negotiation by identifying and evaluating goals

- Utilize, identify and successfully respond to common negotiation strategies and tactics 

- Overcome obstacles and successfully close (and know when to "walk away" from) the deal

- Identify ethical issues in negotiation and avoid engaging in unethical behavior

- Develop and strengthen basic negotiation skills to provide better outcomes for you and your clients

- and so much more!

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